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We specialize in designing, developing & implementing web-based solutions, specially for the logistics sector

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Since 2008 Sperantus has been developing robust web-based solutions that help our customers increase their internal and external communication & collaboration skills. We have a strong expertise in the logistics and supply chain fields, where success depends strongly on good communication and collaboration among the partners.

Our main logistics product is the Stock & Trace 3PL Online Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Stock & Trace Warehouse Management System


Our primarily business unit in Sperantus is the development of a robust group of SaaS services focused in the logistics/data processing and manufacturing sector: Stock&Trace. We put a lot of research and development efforts to create new products and features for this market.

Additionally, we work on projects where our tools/expertise go in line with the technology challenges required. We are passionate about technology and we always strive towards perfection, looking into better ways to solve real-world problems. We care about details, even those our clients will never notice: just for the sake of doing things as well as possible and the challenge it implies.

For the technical-oriented here are some of the technologies in which we have solid expertise:

Technology stack
  • We are Linux folks. We have no problem integrating with Microsoft technologies, but our main focus is with Tux stacks.
  • DVCS. we use GIT and Mercurial for source control.
  • PHP, Java & Python. We usually do programming under Symfony2 framework using PHP 5.5+ under a full Object-Oriented, MVC architecture. We have to say that we love Python also and interface with Java when required.
  • Javascript/HTML5 AngularJS, JQuery, WebSockets
  • DB. When a relational database is required we use Percona's Mysql (Innodb engine): point in time recovery, replication, automatic backups and optimization are everyday tasks.
  • Cloud infrastructure & montitoring. We know and use services like AWS, ProfitBricks and Rackspace to automate our deployments and backup plans. We love using those services APIs to automate and orchestrate the deployment and configuration of our cloud infrastructure. On the monitoring side we use Zabbix with custom extensiosn that let us visualize the full tech stack in a glimpse and react quickly before a problem becomes a failure.
  • Deployment automation. Cloud services are not possible without automation. We use Ansible to automate server configuration and code deployment. This also help us during development, using Vagrant to mirror the production environment and test it out.
  • Continuous Integration. We use Jenkins to backup our development. For functional tests we use Selenium Webdriver and for unit tests the XUnit family of libraries.
  • Google. Integration with Google platform (Apps Script, Google Apps, Single Sign On, etc). As Google resellers we know Google technologies and have the know-how to integrate them in real-time
  • Web services / REST. We have expertise integrating with other API's and web services provided by other applications.
  • PHP/Java. Sometimes you need to interface in an effective way between PHP and Java technologies, we can help you on that.


SONY Corporation of America

"Our business required a reliable and detailed customized cloud-based solution to streamline our day to day operations. Committed to delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction throughout planning, development and implementation stages, the Sperantus team demonstrated incredible expertise and determination in meeting our business needs. Thank you and keep up the great work!"

Renate Lewis
Senior Director, Branded Integration
Sony Corporation of America - Brand Marketing

Swipe Development

"Sperantus is a timely and professional software development house that prioritizes exceptional customer experience over all else."

Paul Samra
Swipe Development

KNP Labs

"The team at Sperantus was an absolute pleasure to work with. Their team is innovating in impressive ways and is clearly developing high-quality and well-planned products."

Ryan Weaver
US Head


"...after implementing Stock&Trace, we have achieved a significant increase on inventory accuracy and have eliminated manual controls in our operation..."

Juan Pablo Salcedo
General Manager APM Division
Arauco México


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